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TEK911 is a full service network integration company. We have extensive experience in the design, installation and maintenance of Local Area Networks, Internet hosts and World Wide Web services. Areas of specialization include:

Network Cabling - Industry statistics have shown that over 80% of network problems can be attributed to cabling. By following proper installation guidelines and using cable testers to certify all cable installations we can guarantee our data connections to be error free.

Internet Connectivity - TEK911 provides premier Internet solutions. Whether you are interested in setting up your own World Wide Web server or just providing Internet access to your LAN connected users, we can bring the best solution to you.

E-Mail - TEK911 is very experienced in providing complete e-mail connectivity to your organization. Using a single mailbox on your LAN you can send and receive local and Internet mail anywhere in the world. A complete mail solution even allows the sending and receiving of e-mail while on travel or at home.  We specialize in Microsoft’s Exchange server and can provide access to your complete e-mail system from a Web browser located anywhere in the world. (More ...)

Remote Desktop Assistance -  With the TEK911 Remote Desktop Support Center, a Technical Support Representative can remotely view, diagnose and solve your computer and network problems online. The Technician can control your computer's desktop, transfer files for analysis, and download patches and updates. (More ...)

Remote Office Connectivity - Wide area networks allow geographically separated offices to work productively on the company LAN. Whether your office is across the street or across the world, you can access your data without ever realizing that the document or database you are accessing is not located locally. The expense of telecommunications is dropping continuously and new services are available (DSL, Cable Modem) that allow more efficient use of bandwidth and lower monthly costs. TEK911 can assist companies in making the best connectivity decisions to leverage their data investment.

DSL and Cable Network Design and Installation - Today's entry level wide area networking technology is Digital Subscriber Line (DSL).  DSL is now availability in most metropolitan areas and offers high bandwidth at a reasonable price (128K to 1.2Mbps). 
 TEK911 has provided installation, support and connectivity services to many companies who found DSL and Cable to be the most affordable solution for connecting their Networks to the Internet or providing connectivity between offices.  We provide high quality DSL and Cable network design and support, our staff fully understands and embraces the technologies.

Network Analysis – Local Area networks provide fast access to files and corporate resources when they are problem free and working efficiently.  When troubles arise the result is slow access or even complete loss of connectivity.  TEK911 has state of the art network analysis tools that will analyze and document network traffic allowing fast diagnosis of where repairs or improvements are needed to optimize the LAN for high performance.  Using these tools we can assist you in identifying traffic bottlenecks and will be able to provide recommendations on how to repair or upgrade your network to provide peak performance.

Video Surveillance Systems - We offer a range of state of the art Web Based Digital Video Surveillance Solutions that enable you to monitor events from anywhere in the world.  (more ...)

Computers, Hardware & Accessories - Let us help you create and customize your network. Including small, medium and large businesses, wireless links, home offices, etc. (more ...)


Computers and Servers Phones / Telecommunications

We recommend DELL computers
and servers

DSX from NEC takes the lead with state of the art innovations making your business communications more efficient and profitable.

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