Computers, hardware and accessories. Telephone and VOIP Solutions

Computers and Servers Phones / Telecommunications

We recommend DELL computers
and servers

DSX from NEC takes the lead with state of the art innovations making your business communications more efficient and profitable.

Have your computers delivered, ready to use!

We will pre-setup and configure the computers for you.
We will pre-install and customize any applications you need

Let us help you create and customize your network.
Including small, medium and large businesses, wireless links, home offices, etc.

Network Design and Installation
Our network designs and installations are developed by highly experienced network professionals. All solutions utilize state of the art, yet proven recommendations. We have network knowledge for the smallest networks to large scale projects.

Network Cabling
Industry statistics have shown that over 80% of network problems can be attributed to cabling. By following proper installation guidelines and using cable testers to certify all cable installations we can guarantee our data connections to be error free.

Internet Connectivity
provides premier Internet solutions. Whether you are interested in setting up your own World Wide Web server or just providing Internet access to your LAN connected users, we can bring the best solution to you.

Voice over IP (VOIP) Solutions
We have a wide range of solutions to offer.

Call (310) 287-1599 for special pricing.



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